Aug 13, 2018

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Tips on How to Restore your Roof

When a roof no longer provides curb appeal or protection, there are many ways to restore it. Because all roofs age differently over time, the flaws that will develop in key areas around shingles will vary. However, if you follow a few simple steps while using proper tools, you can easily restore a roof that’s constructed out of tin, aluminum, or other roofing materials

Power Wash the Surfaces 

Power washing is a simple way to eliminate grime and mold that builds up on various roof surfaces. In order to tackle this type of project, you’ll need power washing equipment, a ladder, and a long hose. If your roof is sloped, you’ll also need sturdy boots or shoes with soles that provide a good grip. Proper grip is important because the traction will keep you stable as you walk around on the damp, slippery roof. 

Paint the Shingles 

Painting can help you enhance a roof that has faded under intense sunlight. Because painting on a roof is a challenging process, you may want to let a professional tackle this job. In order to paint a large roof, you’ll have to work in the opposite direction so that you won’t step on areas where fresh paint hasn’t dried. 

If you want to try to restore a roof with new paint without professional help, use spray paint instead of a bucket of paint. Using paint in a bucket is risky because the container may spill while it’s placed on a sloped roof surface. Spray products are more convenient and practical as they have a chamber that holds the paint. Also, when compared to paint brushes, spray guns coat paint on roof surfaces faster and evenly. 

Paint restoration is a tactic task, so you must carefully select a suitable shade that will blend with your home. If you only want to restore your roof in a traditional manner, you can use the same shade that has faded. By taking a piece of shingle to a hardware store, someone can help you match the paint on the shingle. However, if you want to totally enhance your roof, consider updating it with a paint that’s slighter lighter or darker than the older shade. 

Replace the Shingles 

After a few shingles drop on the ground, you can save money and enhance your roof by replacing the missing shingles. In most cases, when some shingles begin to fall, other shingles will drop over time when a roof needs to be replaced. Whenever you notice the most common signs on your roof before the shingles drop, you should seek professional roof replacement services. The main signs include: 

  • Cupped or curled shingles
  • Missing granules
  • Broken shingles

These problems usually happen when a roof is over 20 years old. If your roof was built within the last decade, you won’t have to deal with curling and cupping since modern roofing shingles are constructed out of highly durable material that can handle ice, heat, rain, and other harsh environmental elements. However, you should still perform an inspection on the roof during a restoration project in order to examine zones where air ventilates. If your roof doesn’t have efficient ventilation, you’ll need to correct this problem since improper air circulation can destroy or damage your shingles. 

Fix Leaks 

A roof leak can be repaired by patching the damaged area with a dense, waterproof slab. The most challenging part of fixing a leak involves pinpointing the source. During some situations, insulation may help you pinpoint the area where there is a leak on the roof. However, since insulation deteriorates when it’s soaked with water, the source of a leak could be several feet away from a damp piece of insulation above the ceiling. 

Replace Gutters 

After the main portion of the roof is restored, you should conduct an inspection around the gutters. During the inspection, check the screws that hold the spouts and channels in place. If a fastener is loose or weak, tighten the grip with a screwdriver or power drill. Next, use a broom and remove all debris out of the gutters. Finally, conduct a water flow test by using a hose and a nearby water supply. If the water doesn’t move out of the channels quickly, something is clogging the line, so you’ll need to use a special tool to remove the debris. 

In Brisbane, many people tackle roof restoration projects to make their property stand out in a neighborhood. If you need help completing a specific routine that involves a challenging restoration task, consider working with the crew at Brisbane Roofing Company.